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Governor Inslee’s 2019-21 Biennial

Operating Budget Proposal

Another legislative session is quickly approaching.  We have accomplished so much this past year with our legislative successes in the 2018 session securing an additional $1 billion for educator salaries; our election gains of pro-labor, pro-education candidates in the House and Senate; and at the bargaining tables with life-changing salary increases.  Our goal of the 2019 session is to protect our progress and build on these amazing successes that you all have achieved for our members.

Three of the WEA’s top legislative priorities for 2019 are directly related to improving or implementing the McCleary funded adopted by the legislature:

  • Restore much-needed local levy flexibility to allow local voters to meet the needs of their students beyond state-funded basic education.
  • Fully fund the new state-run health insurance system for educators as negotiated with the state.
  • Increase funding for additional school support staff to meet students’ mental health, social, emotional and safety needs.

More information about Governor Inslee's budget and its impact on education can be found here.

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